What Are The Best 5 Exercises To Increase Penis Size – Must Know

Among many reasons to be sad and depressed, most men have an issue with the size of their penis. Well, it is basically an ego. Human males from different corners of the world are way too concerned about their penile length and always keep thinking about ways to Increase Penis Size

Well, the women mostly have a different perspective. In several scientific studies, it is proved that most women do not expect men to have massive penises. They are cool with something very normal that can satisfy them sexually. 

Okay, now again back to the mens’ side! 

Well, if you are not happy with your penile length, this article can be of your help. Here, you can study how to increase girth size fast along with the penile length. The manual exercises can always be safe for you as they do not result in the side-effects. 

On the other hand, you should always avoid any product that claims to dramatically improve your penile length. Remember, no chemical or synthetic consumables can actually Increase Penis Size

So, check out the exercises that you can do to improve the condition of the muscles in your penis. 

Five Exercises To Improve Penile Length Every Man Must Know

Here are the five exercises you can do regularly if you have an under-average penis. Well, do not indulge in these if you have a normal penis. Always make sure to talk with a physician regarding the normal penis size for you.

All the exercises in the following list come under the umbrella term, ‘Penis Stretching’. According to some sexologists, it does really work. Have a look:

1. Penis Pump Exercise

If you are concerned about how to increase girth size fast, there is probably no better exercise than Penis Pump. You can do this with the help of a stretching device. 

All you need to do is attach the device to your penis and pump it to get an erection. This is one of the safest and the best penile exercises.  Well, it is obvious that doctors use therapy for ED patients. 

In case your penis is small, you can also use the pump device and check out the length growing. It actually happens as you get an aided erection. However, the penis can come back to its original size after a few minutes as it is not permanent. 

Moreover, you might face a lot of embarrassment and discomfort if your erection remains intact for a long time.

Procedure To Use The Penis Pump:

  • Apply lubricant to your penis. 
  • Place the tube over the penis firmly. 
  • Turn the pub on and check out the level of erection you get. 

Once you get the erection, you can expect it to stay for a few minutes. During this time you can find your penis swelling up and thus, get enlarged. 

2. Massage Exercise

The massage exercise is yet another manual exercise that deals with penile shaft massage with lubricants. The ultimate aim of this exercise is skin stretching. As a result, you can see your penis get an erection and remain in such a situation for a longer time.

Now, the doctors would suggest you execute this exercise for a few times a day. So, you can expect your penile length to get in proper shape when in erected state. Well, again, do not expect your penis to get larger permanently. 

3. Jelqing Exercise

You would be amazed to know that the Jelqing exercise is an invention of the ancient Arabs. Well, it can help you with the temporary improvement of the penile girth. If your physician suggests this, you should indulge in it at least once per day. 

Jelqing is quite common among men. Most men do it even without lubricants. It helps men to enjoy healthy sex life. However, it can be bad for compulsive masturbators. So, if you have the habit of excessive masturbating, try giving it up right now. 

4. Kegel Exercise

The Kegel Exercise is yet another exercise that helps men to get a proper erection during sexual intercourse. In case you visit a doctor, he might suggest you do it during sexual intercourse. It can temporarily increase both length and girth. 

It is very simple to do the Kegel. All you have to do is hold your penis firmly with one hand and rub it with the other. However, you need to instantly stop rubbing when it gets an erection. This exercise can also improve the sensitivity of the penile shaft that spices up the sexual act among men. 

5. Stretching Exercise

The stretching exercise also improves the size of the penis. Like Kegel, it puffs up the organ and enables good girth. The act of this act resembles the milking of a cow. You can find it similar to the Jelqing exercise too but you need to use your thumb and index finger only in this case. 

So, these are the top five manual exercises that can temporarily improve the length and girth of the penis. Now, you should know something about a myth. have  a look at the following part:

Permanent Increase In Penile Length: A Myth

You should always consider it a myth that any product can increase penis size permanently. Well, this is just a hoax claim and no product can actually do that. So, you can always avoid spending money on such products.

Final Words

You should always remember that the male penis is a sexual organ that serves in two ways. Firstly it helps in micturition and secondly, it acts as an outlet for the semen. Now, as the vagina receives the penis during the sexual act, it is fully the concern of your partner whether she is satisfied with your penis. 

So, before you get depressed and start applying all these exercises, have good communication with your partner. In case you face some problem, always visit a sexologist to get scientific suggestions to improve your case. Do not start using uncertified products on the basis of fake claims. 


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