The Most Popular Influencers in Online Casinos

Before we delve deep into the discussion about marketing, social media influencers, and online casinos like we need to understand the reason for their development and existence. To start from the beginning barter and business have been in existence ever since the dawn of civilization and the traders have been coming up with numerous ideas for Popular Influencers to attract the attention of potential customers to their goods. 

This concept has been still in circulation since then ranging from advertising your morning cereals to online casinos. What started as simple papyrus posters in Ancient Egypt some 5000 years ago is now a multi-million dollar industry known to the world as advertising and marketing. The AMA (American Marketing Association) defines the term marketing as below: “The activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large”.

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Social Media Popular Influencers: Who/What Are They?

Marketing has witnessed lots of ways to attract attention to the products that are intended for sale. The latest trend in the marketing world is the use of social media influencers to attract potential customers to your products, and that is why Canadians prefer online casinos. To answer the question about influencers, they are ‘internet celebs’ who have a high fan following volume and they use their ‘fame’ to endorse products so that the general public will be interested to buy them. 

The interesting part is that not all influencers can endorse no accout casino UK. For example, fashion influencers would be able to endorse only products related to fashion like clothes, make-up products, skincare essentials, etc. Whereas a food Influencer will be able to do the same with products related to food and related restaurants only. This practice has streamlined the advertising world quite effectively as the products are being advertised only to the interested people, thus increasing the base of the sales.

Are Online Casinos the New Acquire of Social Media Popular Influencers?

Since the advent of computers during the middle of the 20th century, gaming has developed a strong fan base. The fan base is so solid, that it has even given birth to the profession of gaming. Professional gamers play these computer games while being in live feed where millions of viewers watch them play, just like watching a match of soccer or football live in a stadium. The only difference is between that reality and virtuality.

Speaking of online games, we are all aware of how the area of gambling and casinos has also shifted its base to digital environments. Now imagine professional gamblers playing the various games available in an online casino and winning left, right and centre. Wouldn’t such an event attract massive crowds? The answer is a definite yes. 

Moreover, this would induce many to play in such online casinos thereby increasing customer turnover. This is the primary concept of using social media influencers as part of the marketing strategy by many online casinos. There are various platforms where such events occur, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ethereum and many more. This trend of social media influencers is so popular that almost all casinos have a special budget allocated for their advertising and marketing.

How to Identify the Popular Influencers for Casinos

For an effective marketing strategy for your casino over social media, the first and foremost task is to choose the platform that is best suited to show off your business. The stepping stone to initiate the task is to define and spot the best-suited platform of social media by analyzing the potential customer base and trying to understand their footfall in the type of social media and concentrate your influencers in that particular forum. However, you should not leave the other areas unattended and put them out so that you are covered from all the areas.

By holding the hands of influencers, ads and promotional offers would automatically follow. While promotions are a definite way to attract potential customers, the foundation lies in getting the correct influencers. The best way to get hold of one is to follow the trend and search for those whose content creation is meaningful and does not have any unnecessary fillers. The general population nowadays looks for sensible content rather than flashy fillers. Another factor that also influences the choice of an Influencer is their authenticity and credibility. 

Who Are the Best Online Casino Influencers Today?

If we try to list out who’s and whom of the top online casino influencers today, then we would run out of paper. However, there are some still worth mentioning that kind of run the Influencer show for online casinos today:

  • Albert’s Slot Machines. A YouTube channel with above 59,000 subscribers that provides genuine information about the latest developments on new slots and also gives away details about the tricks of the trade-in its online shows

  • Trainwreckstv. Another similar channel but with much higher subscribers of 204,000 provides good gambling shows and provides some correct information about the casinos that they endorse so that the viewers can trustfully enrol in those casinos

  • Lady Luck. Online casino influencers are not the playground of men only as there are enough worthy female influencers as well. Lady Luck is such a YouTube  channel where the show is quite effectively run by a woman with about 203,000 subscribers

  • Vegas Low Roller. An Influencer that brings the information to your plate right from the Mecca of Casinos; Las Vegas. Heralding to their 103000 YouTube subscribers, this channel not only gives insight about Las Vegas casinos but also provides access to their live shows right from the casinos as well

  • Dave Dealer. Casinos form a delicious combination with cruises. Dave Dealer explores this deadly combination and makes their 1000+ Facebook followers swoon on their feet. While the setting of the cruise and casino is heady they also provide some good insights via their gaming shows


The list above is just a guideline, which might or might not suit your needs. In search of an online casino influencer, must do proper research and then settle for the one that is cut out for your requirements.

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