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    We have loved games since our childhood. Today, with the use of technology, everyone can find something special for themselves. If you enjoy gambling you can easily test your luck at National Casino Australia. If you enjoy shooters or strategies you can find whatever you want on different gaming platforms like Steam. We are going to share the latest news from the gaming sphere. 

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     Dead by Daylight

      Users drew attention to the vacancies of the developers of the asymmetric multiplayer horror Dead by Daylight from Behavior Interactive. They say that the studio is working on a new multiplayer game.

     A future unannounced game is being created for next-generation consoles and PC. The title is described as a competitive and multiplayer experience using a live service model. In addition, the game has support for cross-platform multiplayer.

     Candidates will have to create a large number of player progression systems, maintain and balance the in-game economy, and implement a comprehensive solution for interaction between the game and the backend (inventory, achievements, and scoreboard).

     Earlier this year, Behavior Interactive acquired Scavengers Midwinter Entertainment to work on an unannounced game. Perhaps this is what the vacancy is about.


      The developers of the shooter Isonzo presented a “roadmap” of support for the near future. We are talking about three extensions, the content of which will be mostly free.

     The updates don’t have a release date yet. The first free update, called Caporetto, will introduce new maps, challenges, a prestige system, and a new side of the conflict (German Empire), as well as paid cosmetic items. After that, White War will be released – also with new maps, a special mode, and paid skins. The third update will be Solstice, which will include new weapons, maps, and paid uniforms.

     This is the third WW1 shooter from M2H and Blackmill Games. This time the game will be dedicated to the Italian front and the Alpine mountains. Previously, the developers released Verdun and Tannenberg. Isonzo is available now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Neural Network Game In Steam

     This summer, the MidJourney neural network has become incredibly popular. Before that, neural networks were known to many, but now they are being talked about literally everywhere. All thanks to the incredible capabilities of the image generator.

     The creators of the title This Girl Does Not Exist went beyond pictures. They put together a full-fledged game from the work of neural networks. Everything in it is created by neural networks: art, music, history, and even voice acting. The creation of the game is done by two people – a married couple. The man thought that the concept of the game would not be very interesting to the players, they would be negatively opposed to something created not by people, but by machines. His wife, on the contrary, believed that the players would be interested to see what new technologies could now create. It was she who gave comments about the game.

    It was especially difficult to create art of the same girl in MidJorney. The girl notes that she tried a lot of descriptions so that she could get something. However, her husband was right. When the game was received by the streamer, they wrote a negative message in the chat because of the AI. One could often read that neural networks would soon steal people’s work. The girl admitted that it was necessary not to tell the players that the game was created on the basis of AI, so they could be less biased.

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