9 Ways you can enjoy summer

Soon the Southern Hemisphere will enjoy all the spoils that summer has to offer, so we are living in the last days of summer, and we are cut up about this. But all is not lost. We still have some time until fall makes an appearance in late September, so don’t pack away your swimsuits just yet. We’ve looked at what you can do to end this summer right.  

Swim… a lot

Look, whether you are a beach lover or prefer the pool, taking a dip during those warm summer days will make anyone’s day better. Heck, take a midnight dip while you are at it. With swimming, you can go to town. Host an end-of-summer pool party and invite all your friends and family. Here you can get creative and theme it to keep the spirits going. You can also visit the beach once a day, if possible, and have a mini picnic and a quick dip during your lunch breaks. Further to this, swimming is great exercise. Go on, make a splash! 

Ride a bicycle

Riding a bicycle can make you feel like you’re young again, with your mom and dad watching as you ride without a training wheel for the first time. Now picture this every single time you take a bike ride these last few weeks of the best season ever. Gather a group of friends, hire a few bikes, and then hit the road. Don’t forget your helmets! 

Lemonade stands

Before you roll your eyes, lemonade is such a wonderful way to quench your thirst, especially if you’ve been hit by the sun’s brutal heat. So, hear us out. If you want to make a few bucks, then definitely sell your lemonade or simply take it as a random act of kindness. And since lemonade stands work well during summer, set them up in your driveway and invite anyone over to grab a cup.  

Go camping

Sometimes it’s much easier to camp when it’s warmer. Have you been longing to take a camping trip with your family but just never found the time? Now is the perfect opportunity to pitch a tent and sit around the campfire roasting marshmallows. Or if you prefer, sleep under the stars without a tent, do it. Just remember to make sure you are in a designated camping spot. Also, take into consideration the planning; camping can sometimes be stressful, but there are some nifty tips to help you along. 

Head to a water park

Probably one of the better options since it accounts for hours of fun. Wherever you are in the world, you are guaranteed to have hours of fun at a waterpark. Picture this; you are spinning around in a super tube that lasts for 30 seconds. Sign us right up.  

Prep your garden

If you have a garden, a fun time is to start prepping it for the colder months. Do you have plants that need special grooming for winter? Great, take the last few weeks of summer to plan and plot exactly how your fauna and flora will survive winter.  

Have a midnight BBQ

BBQs scream summertime, but what if we can put a spin on it? Well, we can! Traditionally a BBQ is done during the day to accommodate the little ones and your grandparents, and this is what adds to the appeal of it – the togetherness and family. Now let’s flip the script. Gather a few friends on the last weekend of summer and have a great BBQ at midnight. Chances are the weather will still be ideal for some outside time.  

Fly a kite

It’s wonderful that we live in such a great time with technology. It makes our lives easier, we are more connected than ever, and you can Google just about anything you need an answer for. So how about incorporating some cool things from when you grew up? Such as flying a kite. Not only is this a fun activity, but it is also something you can consistently do. Remember to check the weather, specifically the wind speed; you don’t want your kite to blow away.  

Watch the sunrise

Watching the sunrise is such a wonderful experience; it’s affordable, you get to experience it alone or with a loved one, and you see nature in all its glory. Pick your favorite spot, whether at home or the Grand Canyon, and watch a gorgeous sunrise. 

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