Poker Tattoos: How To Decide What To Get?

Throughout history, 52-card deck card games have remained popular. There is no doubt that poker is one of the most popular card games of all time. Throughout the world, poker is a staple of casinos, cruise ships, basements, and bars. It is known for its exciting, high-stakes gameplay. And with the latest technology poker has become available to us online through NewCasinos, trusted iGaming portal and it is safe to say that it is only gaining in popularity. Additionally, poker can also be a great source of tattoo inspiration because of its rich history, technical complexity, and visually recognizable symbols. Throughout this post, we will cover a brief history of poker and then demonstrate a few different ways you can incorporate poker into your design.

The History of Poker

It is believed that card games first appeared in the 1300s. However, poker didn’t appear until the early 1800s. Poker’s earliest versions can be found in French American territories such as Louisiana, where poque was popular. Soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War enjoyed it, and it later spread to Europe when U.S. Minister Colonel Jacob Schenck described the rules to the British Court, even printing a private rulebook for Queen Victoria.

Hole-card cameras were introduced many years later, allowing TV viewers to see each player’s face-down cards. Poker tournaments could now be televised more easily. The World Series of Poker was founded in 1970 by poker icon Benny Binion, an exclusive tournament for the world’s best poker players. Poker became more popular throughout the world because of the WSOP, which became an annual event.

The Best Poker Tattoo Ideas

Due to the competitive nature of poker, poker tattoos often represent power, success, good fortune, and ambition. Several other elements of poker can be interpreted, including specific hands, card suits, individual cards, and even poker chips. Here are some interesting poker tattoo ideas to get you started:

Card Suit Symbols

The tattoo of your favorite card suit is a good option if you want something more minimalist. A different meaning is attached to each card suit. Justice and destiny can sometimes be associated with spades, which are the highest-ranked card suit in poker. Second place goes to diamonds, which represent courage and energy. Love is naturally associated with hearts, but it can also represent youth or family as well. As the lowest ranking suit, clubs can indicate wealth and maturity.

Your Favorite Card 

Poker Tattoos: How To Decide What To Get?

One poker deck consists of fifty-two cards. Among them may be a card with meaning for you – a lucky number, or one of your favorite faces. As a card representing femininity, power, and love, the queen of hearts is especially popular with women. There are many tattoo options based on the ace of spades, which is the strongest card in the deck (for poker as well as many other games).

Royal Flush

Poker Tattoos: How To Decide What To Get?

Getting the best hand is the key to winning at poker. There are a variety of card combinations poker players can use to make hands, but based on standard poker hand rankings, the royal flush is the strongest. Poker’s rarest card combination is the royal flush, which consists of an ace, king, queen, jack, and ten from the same suit. Power, success, and victory can all be symbolized by royal flush tattoos.

Poker Chips

Poker Tattoos: How To Decide What To Get?

The design of a single poker chip is also a subtle poker tattoo design to consider. Players’ money is often represented by poker chips in casinos. Chips are used by poker players as means of demonstrating their confidence (or bluffing ability, if they so choose). In this way, tattooing a poker chip represents a dedication to success. Furthermore, it can be designed in a variety of different ways, so you are able to express your creativity.

There are many tattoo ideas that can be derived from the game of poker. Take the time to understand the responsibilities of getting a tattoo regardless of your choice. It is also important to select an artist who has the appropriate tattooist license in order to ensure the best results. After getting your tattoo, make sure you follow the correct steps for tattoo care so your tattoo stays looking fresh for a long time.

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