Perfect Aera Diffuser Review / Should You Buy 1 or Not?

Aera Diffuser Review / Perfect Guide for You

Aera Diffuser Review- In this review, we’ll take a look at one of their newest offerings – the Aera Home Diffuser Honest. As an alternative to traditional lavender or rose diffusers, there are many reasons why you should invest in fragrance options other than perfume oils or essential oils. Fragrance choices not only add a scent to your space as an ambience to explore but also serve additional purposes. We’ve listed down some of these benefits below:

1. It adds natural air to your room.

Aera Diffuser Review- In addition to adding a pleasant aroma to a room with a fireplace, it can help make the entire ambience more comfortable and inviting. If you need a soothing air freshener, for instance, then you should try out any aromatic diffusers that promise to remove odours like cigarette smoke and dust. Most importantly, it should be remembered to blend well into your bathroom to remove smells from the toilets and bathtubs.

2. They do not leave behind smells.

Aera Diffuser Review- Although fragrances are known for releasing a lot of chemicals from the body which causes the body to produce various chemical reactions, fragrance diffusers can neutralise these reactions and re-inhale pure cleanliness within the room. This means they don’t allow anyone to smell the odour of cigarettes, makeup, etc., nor does it allow anything else around the room to cause harmful changes to happen in our bodies.

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Perfect Aera Diffuser Review / Should You Buy 1 or Not?


Although a lot of people believe that their scent should remain untouched and unexposed, the fact is that all chemical compounds and irritants present in modern homes are going to be emitted by your house every day. The reason is simple – humans like to breathe things, so when we come into contact with something dangerous and harmful, we react by making ourselves sick and eventually develop respiratory infections. As such, it’s better to stay away from chemical-based freshers as much as possible.

3. Some of their products are formulated with certified ingredients.

Aera Diffuser Review- As mentioned above, fragrance diffusers are often used to add a subtle aroma to a room by creating a calming sensation, which makes the room feel very luxurious. However, some small issues are raised concerning their cosmetic formulation (from which all major companies follow).

Aera Diffuser Review- For instance, their formulas contain large amounts of alcohol to dilute it for best results. Also, some models contain artificial colouring or dyes to improve upon its effects. Although the Aera Home Diffuser Honest claims to meet strict quality standards, most complaints on the site seem to centre around a single ingredient for everyone who buys this product: benzalkonium chloride (BZK).

While BZK is a widely recognized disinfectant ingredient, some reports claim that it has caused skin irritation and a lack of clearness when applied topically. Due to this, it has been banned from being sold in over 20 countries (including China) for this exact reason alone.

4. It does not work as advertised.

While there are lots of misconceptions regarding what this product works and how it might improve someone’s mood, it should be noted that they simply haven’t created a practical device for their use. The biggest hurdle seems to be that they have not tested this device in different rooms and have yet to report any positive results. Not having used the device in different rooms may lead them to overlook the main differences between a good and bad night as compared to a normal scenario.

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5. You don’t know how long it lasts.

Aera Diffuser Review- It is worth noting that if you were lucky enough to buy a candle/ diffuser pair before they expire, you will have noticed that they stop working when the wax melts and starts burning out. Even then, the time taken to burn out depends on where you place them as compared to the intensity with which the wax is burnt, which varies between 0 and 100%.

Aera Diffuser Review- Therefore, you should opt for buying the latest model before they start to lose their effectiveness in a day or two. As a rule of thumb though, it is better to use a new product than to keep using a familiar product which could end up giving you a headache within the next week or less.

6. Limited colour palette.

While the Aera Home Diffuser Honest comes with a wide variety of colours and shades, they do focus mostly on white and light pink since most customers are looking for white. Their website mentions pink as a specific tone and not something else like white, red, orange, etc. Since blue is considered a neutral colour, it would be advisable to skip this particular shade when purchasing Aera to maintain your peace of mind and avoid the unpleasant experience of feeling blue.

7. The packaging has a lot of information about the product itself.

Aera Diffuser Review- The package is really easy to open and contains a lot of important information on the product as compared to other similar products out there from brands such as Scented Candle’s Essential Oil Diffuser and Lavender & Citrus Diffusion’s Lemon Mist Natural Detoxifier Scrub.

Aera Diffuser Review- The detailed description of the product gives a more thorough assessment of its properties and usage to both novice visitors and those already known. Furthermore, it includes a link for buyers to see more information on their own as well as see reviews on websites such as Amazon or Google Shopping Reviews.

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8. There doesn’t sound like a cleaning campaign that goes along with the packaging of this product.

Although there is an advertising campaign running, it isn’t overly active in terms of promotion to increase awareness of the Aera Home Diffuser Honest product line. One of the best parts about this product is that the advertisements only run during daytime hours for two factors.

Aera Diffuser Review Firstly, since fragrance is meant to provide comfort and relaxation (and thus, it shouldn’t be too arousing) fragrance should only be consumed during the day.

Aera Diffuser Review- Secondly, since no promotion team exists for the campaign, it is difficult to target consumers who aren’t accustomed to advertising through social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.

Aera Diffuser Review- Unlike many marketing campaigns out there, however, the Aera Home Diffuser Honest is strictly focused on the sale and release of their product rather than providing a comprehensive overview of the product itself. Despite this, they still manage to get away with their advertisement campaign, and it appears that they have received a fair amount of attention from their prospective customers.

9. Colour is unappealing.

This particular product boasts the name “beauty” and features several different tones and hues. Although they say their goal is to create a “clean aura,” most reviewers aren’t happy with the looks of this product.

As you might imagine, people hate stains on their walls, furniture, woodwork, etc., so the smell of oil or grease on their furniture or carpet is quite understandable when you’re buying a chair, couch, sofa, etc. These items tend to generate unpleasant smells and create bad vibes. On top of them, the Aera Home Diffuser Honest does not work well with fabrics, which is another issue where they cannot achieve positive results.


Perfect Aera Diffuser Review / Should You Buy 1 or Not?


10. When was I notified?

Aera Diffuser Review- Lastly, was I informed? Well, as far as we know, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that we got confirmation that our orders and payment orders went to a man named Brian.

Unfortunately, due to his circumstances (which included living in a remote area), he lost all his possessions after the first shipment, leaving us without anything except what was inside of him. Still, because he took care of everything by himself, we aren’t sure where he came from and what he did to earn himself a job as a salesman. Nevertheless, after he received his order in September, he turned out to be perfect. His products all perfectly matched and were incredibly effective.

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