Carrier Whole House Humidifiers / 1 Best Guide to Buy or not

Carrier Whole House Humidifiers / Buy or Not?

The quick answer is no, Aprilaire does not make carrier humidifiers. However, the two brands do have a few things in common. Both are known for their high-quality, durable products, and both offer a wide range of humidifier options to choose from.

Carrier Whole House Humidifiers- If you’re looking for a quality humidifier that will last for years, either brand should do the trick.

If you’re looking to replace your carrier humidifier with an Aprilaire model, not all models are compatible. Our best advice is to check out our Aprilaire to carrier compatibility chart (link below) before purchasing a replacement.

Aprilaire Humidifier vs. Carrier Humidifier: Which is better?

Carrier Whole House Humidifiers- When it comes to whole-house humidifiers, Aprilaire® vs. Carrier® are the two most popular brands. If you have never bought a humidifier before, this can be quite confusing because there are so many models by both companies. To save time and money, let us explain how each company makes its quality products.

Carrier Whole House Humidifiers- Aprilaire® is the only fully-integrated residential air treatment solution that combines humidity control with advanced home air filtration. With the addition of monthly Guardian® Antimicrobial treatments, Aprilaire® filters bacteria, mould, mildew, and viruses that pass through your filter out of the air you breathe every day. You’ll notice cleaner carpets, upholstery, and bedding plus better skin health and a healthier home.

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Carrier Whole House Humidifiers


Carrier Whole House Humidifiers- Carrier® offers you an extensive line of comfort solutions to create the perfect environment for your home. If your perfect environment is all about humidity control and air filtration, Carrier® has several models that will suit your needs with options such as a humidistat/thermostat or whole-home dehumidification. See why owners say they can’t imagine living without their Carrier systems here.

Aprilaire Model 520 vs. Carrier Model 4204: How do they compare?

Carrier Whole House Humidifiers- We reviewed both model numbers on Amazon so you don’t have to! The Aprilaire was first listed in 2007 and had over 200 reviews at the time we did our research, while the carrier was listed more recently in 2014 but already has 79 reviews.

We took a look at both the ratings and the descriptions to get an idea of what people were saying about each unit. When comparing Aprilaire vs. Carrier side-by-side, here’s how it breaks down:

Carrier Whole House Humidifiers- Satisfied users reported improvements with their humidity levels, more comfortable home environment, and protection from mould/mildew/bacteria which reduces health issues associated with poor air quality and longer lifespan of heating equipment.

Unsatisfied users said they had problems concealing the line set, that their high-efficiency furnace did not work well with this model or that they experienced too much condensation on their windows due to over humidification.

Carrier Whole House Humidifiers- When reviewing these two models together, we can see why there was such a strong response from each brand’s customers. Aprilaire has always been a leader in home humidity control systems and their products are well built.

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On the other hand, Carrier did not have much to offer in comparison because it did not appear that they had developed a product specifically for high-efficiency furnaces. Because this model seems to be more of an add-on rather than a permanent fix for humidity, many people who are looking to get rid of persistent condensation or improve their indoor air quality will likely invest in something else.

Carrier LFP Humidifier the same as the Aprilaire 700 unit?

Carrier Whole House Humidifiers- Aprilaire 700 is a brand name of Carrier LFP humidifier, which utilizes its own patented technology to control the humidity in the room. Some people have found that the Aprilaire 700 and Carrier LFP units are the same. The differences between them are only cosmetic ones.

Carrier Whole House Humidifiers- Carrier Corp has added several options to their lineup when it comes to humidifiers, such as electronic controls, digital displays, venting kits, etc., but all models come from the same factory with different add-ons for each model.

This applies to both coil and steam-type units. In other words, they use the same parts built-in usually the same factory with different cosmetics depending on which model you choose from a list of available options.

What is the difference between Aprilaire 50 and Carrier LFP50?

The letter “L” means that it’s a steam humidifier, while the number “4” means the size – it will humidify up to 4,000 sq. ft. home or building. Even though they are aesthetically different from each other, both models come from the same factory with different cosmetics depending on which option you choose for your model.

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Carrier Whole House Humidifiers- The part numbers of most components of both units are the same as well as their operation. Some people have found that Aprilaire 50 and Carrier LFP50 units are the same units, but with a different label and name by different suppliers.

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