TamilGun – Download Best Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu Movies

TamilGun – Download Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu Movies for free in 2022

TamilGun is a pirated movie sharing website that allows you to download HD movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. The website’s database contains thousands of high-quality HD movies in all four languages mentioned above.

What are Movie Torrents?

Movie torrents are like a download version of peer-to-peer (P2P) networking. The P2P model is where computers share files directly with each other instead of going through a central server and it’s all available over torrent sites that have millions of movies to choose from.

The larger your hard drive space, and connection speed, the more you can download at once. While downloading pirated movies is usually illegal and not moral, movie torrents are common enough that you might want to familiarize yourself with how they work.

What is TamilGun?

Tamilgun is a movie download site that allows you to search for movies. It features movies from Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films. Some popular movies that can be downloaded include ‘I’, ‘Vivegam’ and ‘Kanchana’.

The site has been developed with streaming technology that allows users to watch films online without any lag or buffering issues. They allow you to watch up to 30 seconds of each movie.


To download a film, however, you will need a premium membership. Each movie costs approximately 1-2 rupees per minute.

You can easily download these movies with the help of TamilGun’s official Android and iOS app, or even on your laptop with the help of their desktop application.

Movie Torrent Search Engines

Using torrent search engines is an effective way to find all of your Favourite movies, TV shows, and music. For example, with a movie site like Torrents, you can use tags to look up which sites carry that one episode of Parks & Recreation you can’t find on Netflix.

Although pirating movies is illegal, it’s important to know where to go when no legal options are available. A lot of people don’t realize that streaming services like Netflix have deals with content providers meaning they won’t always have everything.

Knowing how to get your hands on rare content could come in handy. And if nothing else — watching pirated movies builds character.

Learn How to use TamilGun!

To use TamilGun you’ll need to download a torrent client. Once that’s done, all you have to do is search for movies on TamilGun. Then just click on a movie title and choose Movies from the top menu.

You’ll see a list of downloadable torrents. Torrents are small files that contain information about where to find other files—sort of like how Google lists web pages but much smaller.

Reasons why TamilGun should be Avoided

Why should you avoid downloading from TamilGun? How do we know if a Tamil gun is safe to download or not? This is what we want to address here.

Even though gajave’s posters tried their best to promote TamilGun no matter how bad a movie is, people can still be attracted to its quality by reading comments and reviews. So one needs to be careful while downloading any pirated content.

Do’s and Don’ts while using TamilGun

DO NOT download a movie from any other website other than TamilGun. If you do so, your IP address will be logged and it may land you in trouble with cybercrime authorities.

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DO NOT download a pirated movie if you haven’t paid for that service. TamilGun keeps no data of its users as there is no sign-up facility on their website; hence every user’s identity is secure.

This also ensures that TamilGun has more liberty when it comes to following legal guidelines related to running their service smoothly around various countries without much restriction.

DO NOT attempt anything other than downloading movies using TamilGun with the intent of earning money out of it or using those downloaded movies for commercial purposes; else you will invite legal action upon yourself.

The Best Legal Alternatives To These Sites

The Internet can be a weird place when it comes to copyright. There are some sites out there that provide users with downloads to movies, TV shows, games and more; but at what cost?

Not only do these sites risk getting sued by big entertainment companies, but they also have to worry about paying bribes to government officials so they don’t get raided. It’s not worth it.

Instead of getting involved with those sketchy sites, why not check out these legal alternatives instead? They provide plenty of content and don’t put you or your data at risk.

Gov Should take Steps to Stop Piracy

There is a discussion going on how piracy of movies has hit hard at movie industries in India. Movie piracy not only takes away potential box office revenue but also affects sales of DVDs & Blu-rays.

Piracy is also hurting the jobs of thousands of people involved with making, marketing and distributing films. Govt should take steps to stop movie piracy.

The government can put a tax on DVD/Blu-ray players or can ask manufacturers to incorporate some sort of anti-piracy technology in their players.

They can also block websites like TamilGun which allows users to download pirated movies for free. This will force people who want to watch new releases legally to buy DVDs/Blu-rays from shops or rent them from video libraries instead of downloading them from illegal sources like tamilgun. in.

Govt should take action against such websites that encourage piracy and hurt Businesses & Careers of many talented artists working in the Film Industry. The govt should come up with strict laws against such sites that are responsible for encouraging movie Piracy in India.

TamilGun – 300MB Movies Download

TamilGun allows users to download 300MB movies of all languages including Hindi Dubbed. Earlier you need to wait till your download reaches 500MB/750MB to watch any movie. TamilGun provides a single platform from which you can download all movies within a few minutes.

All you need is a working internet connection & device with more than 300MB of memory space. You can watch movies on android smartphones, tablets, and laptops with any operating system.

Apart from the website TamilGun also allows Downloading through their Mobile App which is available on Android & iOS platforms. Apps are available both paid as well as Freeware App Versions.

Pros of TamilGun

TamilGun makes it easy for you to download full-length movies in high definition (HD) from leading production houses like UTV Motion Pictures and Lyca Productions.

With TamilGun you can download all your favourite Tamil movies from home on your computer or any device. If you’re travelling or want a break from studying, why not kick back with some popcorn and watch a movie!

The best part about downloading movies online is that you don’t have to wait long for them to be delivered; it’s almost instant gratification. So what are you waiting for? Bookmark us right now!

Cons of TamilGun

Downloading Pirated content may be illegal depending on your location. Also, many websites like TamilGun are susceptible to malware or malicious downloads.

Be sure you download files from a safe website that you trust. While there is an immense amount of entertainment available on TamilGun, finding specific movies can be difficult.

The site design is not conducive for users looking for particular movies; oftentimes, you’ll have to use search terms such as downloading Tamil movies and visiting several links before finding what you’re looking for.

There is a fee involved with using some of these services which makes it harder for them to compete with free sites like YouTube or Vimeo but they do offer unique features that those types of sites don’t offer such as better quality downloads.

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Best VPN for TamilGun

A VPN is one of the best ways to download movies from TamilGun without getting caught. Not only does it hide your real IP address so you can bypass anti-piracy software, but it also encrypts all your traffic so not even your ISP will be able to find out what you’re doing online.

I prefer IPVanish for its fast speeds and good customer service. But if you need a cheaper option I’d recommend NordVPN — though don’t expect nearly as fast speeds from either.

Best Ways to Watch Tamil Gun Movies Offline

It’s simple if you want to download a movie from Tamil Gun or any other movie sharing website. It’s easy as pie if you follow the steps below. But before that, have a look at our list of some of the best Android apps for downloading movies & TV shows.

You can also get Kodi on your device for free by following these instructions. Make sure that your device has enough storage space before getting started. Let’s begin!

TamilGun Bollywood Movies

I am a hardcore fan of Bollywood movies and there are many TamilGun users like me. So, I have no objection if they share Bollywood Movies because they know very well that it is illegal to Download Hollywood movies by pirating but you can’t stop them because they know it is wrong but still doing it.

When it comes to Bollywood then I want them to stop downloading this kind of Indian language movie also because many people do not like such stuff. But our government has done nothing until now so we are forced to use TamilGun only as of now.

TamilGun Hollywood Movies

Every year Hollywood studios produce a large number of movies. Out of all these movies, some of them are dubbed into local languages such as Hindi.

The voice-over is provided by top-class artists. TamilGun is a website which provides download links to thousands of Hollywood movies dubbed in Tamil, Hindi and other Indian languages.

Other websites such as TamilGun HD provide similar services for another Indian languages such as Telugu, Kannada etc. Anyone can watch these movies online or download them on their computers or mobile phones at no cost at all.

Tamil and Malayalam Movies on TamilGun

For some strange reason, South Indian films get Dubbed into different languages after a particular point in time. This is mainly due to language barriers.

While Hollywood films have most of their films dubbed into all major Indian languages, that’s not how it works with popular cinema from South India.

Films from Tamil-dominated areas tend to be dubbed mostly into either Kannada or Telugu, only those that appeal more to urban viewers are dubbed into Hindi. And vice versa for other parts.

Web Series Leaked by TamilGun

TamilGun leaked a Web Series titled Happy Hour which is directed by Gaurav of Pizza fame. It stars Pia Bajpai as Meera. The leading man remains unidentified. His role was originally played by Vivek Oberoi who has been replaced due to date issues.

Now, Arunoday Singh will play their role. Confirming it to DNA he said Yes, I am going to be part of Happy Hours This serial will be on the YouTube channel Originals India in July 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

TamilGun is a website that allows you to download HD movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada with ease. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require an account or any signup process before downloading movies, which makes it highly convenient.

This guide will teach you how to download movies from TamilGun in Hindi using simple steps that are easy to follow, no matter your level of computer experience. Some answers to the Questions that mostly come to mind are given below.

What happens if you visit TamilGun?

It’s an online platform that lets you download the latest Tamil, Kannada, Telugu or Malayalam movies with subtitles. Currently, it supports MP4 format. All downloads are zipped files.

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You will have to extract them before playing them back in a video player on your TV screen. Most of its new releases are HD quality and some older ones too. The quality can also be improved using third-party video converters like Handbrake.

Is TamilGun Website Safe?

Searching on Google will give you mixed results on whether it is safe to use or not. There are a lot of people who have used the tamilgun website and they were able to download torrents without any issues.

While there are also other websites which claim that it is unsafe to use as you may download viruses while using tamilgun torrents. One way to be sure of your safety is by installing antivirus software on your computer before using such websites as tamilgun.

Make sure that you are downloading movies from trusted sources else there will be chances of the virus entering your computer system. You should keep backups of all your important files and if possible avoid opening any links sent through emails especially when they appear suspicious.

Which Devices Support TamilGun.com?

There are many devices that you can use to watch TamilGun HD movies on your device. If you are using an Android-based smartphone then you can easily download the TamilGun app to watch all TamilGun videos on an android device.

You can also download the Tamilgun APK app or download DMCC aGtv App or install the indi-ads App and enjoy TamiGun live video songs right now. If you are using an iPhone then there is no direct app available yet but still, it is possible to see the movies through various apps with little extra steps.

Why TamilGun is a Popular Website?

After a lot of research, I found that one thing is common among all south Indians and it is that they all love watching movies. They mostly go to cinema halls to watch new movie releases but not all of them get an opportunity to do so due to some other reason.

One can see people inside the local bus while travelling between cities carrying booklets in their hands. Most probably they are holding Tamil movie DVDs with them which they will be watching during the travelling time.

What is TamilGun Proxy?

TamilGun Proxy is a website that gives you a new IP address so that your internet provider can’t track down what torrents you download.

The proxy site itself doesn’t host any content, it simply allows users to change their IP addresses. This makes them safer than sites like Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents.

Usually, when you visit a Torrenting site it will store cookies on your computer so they know who you are when you come back. They use these cookies to let others know that they should block certain types of traffic while keeping real people safe from restriction blocks.

Can you get Caught while using TamilGun?

Since its inception, it has already created a buzz among fans of south Indian films. People love downloading movies from Tamilgun because they offer a high-quality experience with great audio/video quality.

However, it is very easy for your ISP to track you if you download movies from third party sites such as Tamilgun. A good VPN not only protects your identity online but also lets you access blocked websites and safely stream copyright material.

How to Download Movies from TamilGun?

It’s not hard to download movies from TamilGun. It is safe because TamilGun is working for a long time and it does not affect your device because it’s always secure. There are some methods available on the internet for downloading movies from TamilGun.

Final Verdict

Is it safe? Not at all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two about creating a website that performs just as well, if not better than websites like TamilGun. It is possible to build something similar by following our guide on building a free WordPress website with streaming video.

TamilGun is a Free Application which allows you to easily download HD movies in multiple Indian languages. It is a great way for you to access pirated content. However, because it’s not legal, we don’t recommend using it.

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