Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? Medicare Coverage Guide

How to Get Insurance to Pay for a Humidifier?

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? If you need to buy a humidifier, you may not know what to do if your insurance provider refuses to cover it. While this can be frustrating, especially if you think that they should pay the bill, there are things you can do to get them to change their minds and start paying your bills again.

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers?

According to the Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center, humidifiers can help relieve symptoms of chronic dryness, such as runny nose, scratchy throat, and coughing. Whether you suffer from allergies or have respiratory issues such as asthma or COPD, you may need to use a room humidifier to help you breathe more easily and sleep more comfortably at night. Here’s the kicker: if you pay out-of-pocket to purchase an at-home humidifier in your home, then most health insurance plans won’t cover its cost!

What Types of Humidifiers Does Insurance Cover?

Different insurance companies have different policies regarding their coverage of medical equipment. While some cover only specific types of equipment, others will cover almost any type of medically necessary equipment, including room humidifiers.

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? Check with your insurance company to find out what its policies are on covering certain pieces of equipment and room humidifiers in particular. If your policy does not cover these items, ask if it covers a medically-necessary exception. Policies vary by the insurance provider, so be sure you thoroughly understand your plan before you make any purchases that may end up being too expensive.

The Difference Between Portable and Wall Mounted Humidifiers

No, they’re not even close to being identical. A wall-mounted unit adds moisture through warm air that’s filtered and vented out of your home or office. These units are designed as an alternative to traditional heating systems and will work best in rooms where people spend a great deal of time; places as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, offices and bedrooms.

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Insurance and Humidifiers

However, if you have multiple members in your household with allergies (or who already have respiratory problems), adding moisture can make their symptoms worse. This is because it creates ideal conditions for mold growth within your home or office space. In these cases, you may want to switch from a wall-mounted unit to portable units that can be taken from room to room as needed.

Do Insurance Providers Cover Humidifiers?

If you need to buy a humidifier, you may not know what to do if your insurance provider refuses to cover it. A humidifier helps prevent the development of health problems by adding moisture to the air inside your home or workplace, but most insurance providers won’t pay for one unless there’s already an existing medical condition that requires it. Is there anything you can do? Let’s take a look at this problem and see if we can find some answers that will help you get your humidifier covered, even if your insurance provider denies it.

How does insurance coverage work?

When you’re buying a humidifier, it’s likely that your insurance provider will ask to see a doctor’s note. This is a common practice for high-priced or exotic health care products. A good doctor can make all of these products seem as if they’re absolutely necessary. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase your own humidifier, even if your insurance provider won’t cover it.

Humidifiers are sold at many different prices and some might be considered the low cost. The important thing is not to skip over purchasing one because of insurance; instead, talk with your physician about why he or she feels you need a humidifier and what other (non-medical) options are available to you.

Can I get an instant quote online?

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? If you’re shopping for a humidifier and want to know if your insurance provider will cover it, then be sure to get an instant quote. You can find out by submitting a request online with your insurance provider; as long as you have all of your information handy, you’ll get a response very quickly.

However, keep in mind that many providers require a waiting period before approving coverage for medical equipment such as humidifiers. For example, some plans will cover most equipment after one year of use but won’t cover any new devices until after two years of continued use without interruption. That means you may have to wait another year before getting approval for a replacement!

Is there anything else I should consider about my health plan before buying a Humidifier?

In most cases, health insurance providers cover humidifiers. However, there are some things to consider when determining if your plan will cover it. Your insurance provider may deny coverage of a humidifier or an indoor dehumidifier if you have any of these conditions:

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Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? Asthma Acute ear infection Bronchitis COPD Lung cancer Lung disease Pneumonia or pleurisy Rhinitis (inflammation of nose and sinuses) Sinus infections Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) Sleep apnea Tuberculosis If you have a condition on that list, be sure to check with your insurance provider before purchasing a humidifier so you can get confirmation about whether it will be covered by your plan.

Are All Humidifiers Covered By Insurance?

Humidifier Insurance Coverage:

Not all room humidifiers are covered by insurance, but many are. Coverage will depend on whether you use your oxygen humidifier in a medically necessary way or if it’s used as an additional comfort item to help you breathe easier. For example, if you’re prescribed oxygen but also need a room humidifier to use alongside your machine, then there may be an added cost.

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? However, if you’re prescribed oxygen and decide to purchase a separate room humidifier so that you can breathe more easily and comfortably at night or while watching TV or reading a book, then your insurance company may cover some or all of it depending on your policy and provider.


Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers?


What Type of Insurance Do I Have?

Before you go looking into whether your insurance will cover your humidifier, it’s important to check with your provider and find out what type of insurance coverage you have. For example, if you don’t have insurance or only have major medical coverage, you might not be eligible to receive reimbursement. Or, if your insurance provider is government-subsidized or low-income health care programs, you might qualify for a lower price on that humidifier.

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? Once you know what type of insurance coverage that you have and what criteria must be met to use it (such as certain diagnoses), it’s time to talk to customer service representatives from your company and make sure they understand what humidifiers are and how they work in terms of a medical device.

Why Would I Need Insurance Coverage for a Humidifier?

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? Usually, insurance coverage for an oxygen humidifier will cost about $30 to $50 per month or $360 to $600 per year. You may have to pay out of pocket if you use oxygen humidifiers more than 12 hours per day (24 hours in some cases) or have chronic conditions that require more humidification.

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If you do have health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid typically don’t cover costs associated with oxygen humidifiers. Typically, insurance policies will only cover medically necessary devices—if they cover them at all.

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? If your plan includes coverage of oxygen equipment as a condition of membership, then it is also likely that the use of an oxygen humidifier would be covered under that policy.

How Much Does Coverage Cost Each Month on Average?

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? On average, humidifier coverage costs $20 to $50 per month. Coverage fees are billed in addition to insurance deductibles, which are amounts you pay each year before the insurance begins paying out benefits.

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? As an example, consider a policy with an annual deductible of $500 and monthly coverage fees of $25. This means you’d pay out-of-pocket expenses of up to $500 per year plus the $25 fee—which amounts to total payments of around $525 before your insurance coverage kicks in.

Medicare Eligibility for Humidifier Coverage!

Medicare has complex rules when it comes to what it covers. In most cases, insurance coverage of medical equipment and supplies depends on whether they are considered prosthetic devices. If they meet that definition, insurance coverage depends on whether your condition is acute or chronic.

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? An oxygen humidifier is not covered by Medicare if it is used as an acute treatment (i.e., if you need its effects only temporarily). However, Medicare does pay for oxygen humidifiers in some situations, especially when they are used to treat long-term conditions such as cystic fibrosis or obstructive sleep apnea.

What is Humidifiers Usage?

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? If you use oxygen at home and if it’s medically necessary, your insurance company should pay for your humidifier. This is especially true if you have an insurance plan with a large annual deductible; a high-deductible health plan (HDHP); or an out-of-pocket maximum.

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? With these types of plans, you’re responsible for paying all of your medical expenses until you hit your deductible—usually $1,000—and then your insurance will start to chip in. Although many people assume that companies with low costs prefer HDHPs because they cut down on administrative costs, some patients do end up saving money under such plans thanks to lower premiums and other savings.

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers?


Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? To make sure insurance will pay for your humidifier, ask your provider. Make sure to identify it as a medical necessity and find out if any time-limited offerings could help you save money. Some companies may require you to have specific coverage.

Does Insurance Pay for Humidifiers? In general, though, we’ve found that most plans will cover at least part of your costs and more could be available if your needs are greater than average. While it’s possible that insurance won’t cover some or all of your costs, if you’re using one to help manage a condition such as sleep apnea or allergies and want to ensure that you can get one without breaking the bank, it’s worth asking what financial assistance might be available.