Best Aprilaire Dehumidifier Sizing Needed / 1 Perfect Guide!

Best Aprilaire Dehumidifier Sizing Needed / What Size of Dehumidifier do I need?

Aprilaire Dehumidifier Sizing Needed- When it comes to humidity, most people don’t think about it until it’s too late. High humidity can make you feel uncomfortable and can also be bad for your health. A dehumidifier can help to regulate the humidity in your home, which can improve your quality of life. But what size dehumidifier do you need? Keep reading to find out.

Step 1: Determine the square footage of your basement

Aprilaire Dehumidifier Sizing Needed- To start, you’ll need to figure out how big your space is. This will help you to determine which size dehumidifier model you should get. You can measure the length and width of your entire space in feet.

Make sure that you also include some extra space around objects in your measurements. For example, if there are items located on all four sides of your intended location for the dehumidifier, add about 4 feet around all sides. Multiply this by the number of walls, then add 8-12″ more for good measure (this is to ensure that any dust or dirt doesn’t build up against the unit). Then divide this number by 144 (the number of square feet in a square foot). This will give you the total square footage of your basement.

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Aprilaire Dehumidifier Sizing Needed- Example If your basement is 20′ x 15′ x 4′, then your total square footage is 600. Total area = length x width + space around all four sides Wall space 8-12″ Dust & dirt allowance for hoses, etc. Square footage of one wall multiplied by the number of walls Divide by 144 to get the total square footage

2 rooms = 30 SF each room

4 walls + 4 SF for dust & dirt = 640 SF

640 / 144 = 4.5, rounded up to 5.

This means that if you have an 800sqft basement, then you’ll need a 10-15 pint capacity model.

Step 2: Choose a model

Aprilaire Dehumidifier Sizing Needed Now that you know the size of the dehumidifier you need, it’s time to choose a model. Aprilaire has a variety of models to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. The table below will help you to choose the right model for your space.

Model Capacity (pints)    Basement Size (square feet)
10-15                                  800-1,600
16-25                                  1,600-2,400
26-30                                  2,400-3,000
31-35                                  3,000-4,000
36-45                                  4,000-6,000
46+                                      6,000+

Step 3: Make it easy

Aprilaire Dehumidifier Sizing Needed Once you choose a model, we can help you to get set up. If your dehumidifier is going to be located in an unconditioned space (like a basement or crawlspace), we recommend investing in the ClimateRight accessory kit and Aprilaire’s Drain Pan accessory. This will give your dehumidifier optimal performance and ensure that moisture doesn’t cause any problems for the area around your unit.

How big is the Aprilaire 700 Dehumidifier?

Aprilaire Dehumidifier Sizing Needed- The Aprilaire 700 is a large dehumidifier, designed to handle spaces up to 4,000 cubic feet. It is also relatively heavy, weighing in at around 45 pounds. This makes it a good choice for larger rooms or basements, where it can quickly and effectively remove moisture from the air.

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Is it possible to have an Aprilaire 500 in a 4,000 square foot home?

Aprilaire Dehumidifier Sizing Needed- No, it is not possible for the Aprilaire 500 to effectively dehumidify a 4,000 square foot home. It would not be able to provide enough moisture removal per day to maintain optimal humidity levels in this space over an extended period.

Aprilaire Dehumidifier Sizing Needed- If you are looking for more than just an air dehumidifier, that can handle large spaces efficiently, then you might want to consider dual-purpose units like the Aprilaire 600 whole-home humidifier. This product can be added to your existing furnace or A/C unit and with proper installation manages both humidity control and water delivery needs.

What Size Aprilaire Dehumidifier Do I Need

Why are there so many different sizes of Aprilaire humidifiers?

Aprilaire humidifiers come in a variety of sizes because each home is unique and has its own humidity needs. Larger homes with more square footage will require a larger unit to provide adequate coverage, while smaller homes may only need a compact or tabletop model.

What kind of features does the 800 series offer that other models don’t have?

The 800 series of Aprilaire dehumidifiers offer several features that are not available on other models. This includes automatic humidistat control, which ensures that the unit will turn on and off as needed to maintain the desired humidity level. It also has an automatic filter detection system, which alerts you when it is time to replace the filter. Finally, it has a built-in condensate pump, which pumps water out of the unit and prevents it from pooling on the floor.

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If I want to use my dehumidifier in the winter, do I need to get a model with a built-in heater?

No, you do not need to get a model with a built-in heater. Using a dehumidifier, even in the winter months, will help reduce the amount of moisture and humidity in your home. This can help to avoid many common problems associated with high humidity levels, such as condensation on windows and mold growth.

Aprilaire Dehumidifier Sizing Needed- If you live in a particularly cold climate where you need additional heating, we recommend using separate units for humidification and heated air. While costlier than some other options on the market, these units offer complete control over both mandated elements of indoor comfort.

Which one has the best reviews on Amazon?

Aprilaire Dehumidifier Sizing Needed The Aprilaire 700 is the best-selling dehumidifier on Amazon, with over 1,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. Customers love the large size and powerful performance of this unit, as well as its ability to keep humidity levels under control. Other models like the Aprilaire 600 and the Aprilaire 650 also have positive ratings on Amazon, so it comes down to personal preference and specific needs.

Aprilaire Dehumidifier Sizing Needed- When shopping for a dehumidifier, it is important to consider the size of your home, your humidity needs, and any special features that you might require. The Aprilaire 700 is a large, heavy-duty dehumidifier that is designed for spaces up to 4,000 cubic feet. This makes it a good choice for basements, large homes, or any other area in need of moisture removal.

If you are looking for something with more capabilities than just humidity control, you might want to consider the Aprilaire 600. It is also an effective dehumidifier that can be installed on your furnace or A/C unit, but this model can also manage your water delivery needs. If you are looking for a simple solution that doesn’t break the bank, check out some of our tabletop humidifiers, which include features like automatic humidity control and digital displays.

Bottom Line

Aprilaire Dehumidifier Sizing Needed- As you can see, there are many different factors to consider when choosing the best dehumidifier for your home. By taking into account the size of your space, the type of climate you live in, and your specific needs, you can be sure to find the perfect unit for your family. And with Aprilaire’s wide range of products, you’re sure to find one that fits your budget and meets your needs perfectly.

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